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Energy Evaluation Solar thermal collector Panel area

Just noticed today that Ecodesigner Star seems to limit the Solar thermal collector panel area to 100 m2... Is it just me or is there really a bug/deliberate limitation?
Daniel Kovacs
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

I don't know about such limitation, but maybe we are looking at different dialogs or something. Could you send me a project of yours you have this problem with (in PLA), and some pictures of where you see this issue?

Daniel Alexander Kovacs

Professional Services Consultant


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Hi Daniel, I’d like to but I cannot send the .pla extension even on your private message interface... I’ll just send a screenshot for now... It’s not really a problem for most applications - 100 m2 of thermal solar is a lot after all, but I just wonder what is the reason behind this limit.
While I’m here, the Photovoltaics system panel area doesn’t have a limit BUT - there’s always a but - past a certain point, increasing the area doesn’t reduce the purchased energy figure, which I have difficulty to come to grips with... Because for other systems such as wind, quite logically, If I increase the wind energy kWh, I can see immediately a reduction in purchased energy (electricity in my case)...
What I would like to know is if GS has a fully worked out example of a simple zero purchased energy building using renewable systems. I cannot seem to get to that elusive zero with EDS...
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