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Energy model not reading openings

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No perimeter walls nor openings are listing in my energy model.

Are zones to encompass the exterior walls?

Notes about walls and openings not listing:
Walls are complex profiles, (not composites) and are multistory.
Some walls' home story is cellar, some 1st floor; but Thermal Block Zones are on 1st floor.
Openings are anchored to 1st floor.
Position: Exterior
Reno Stat: New.

What did I miss?
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As a follow=up, I opened a test file, put in all the zones, complex profile walls, etc, and the opening show up fine.

Seems like there may be a problem with the ancient file I'm working with....
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Final follow-up:

Zones were on existing status, as were some walls.

GS HQ recommended putting all on new status.

Problem solved.
I don't know the whole context of your issue, but the new vs existing reno status concerns me. If the whole project is new work and left as existing, why wouldn't that work.

I have projects where "new" status is reserved for "optional" construction.

And existing projects that want to be evaluated for their baseline characteristics before intervening with new construction.

Does EcoDesigner not address these different states of space/time?
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The renovation feature is great in principle, but has a few major issues that make it pretty much unusable for me. Which is a shame because I work on quite few renovation projects that also require careful energy analysis.

For some reason GS implemented the renovation feature and then decided to forget about fixing it despite several key issues being pointed out to them by users.

Ive tried using both the renovation and energy analysis but gave up after realizing they were both unsuitable for intended use unfortunately.