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Is it possible for someone to explain these parameters of the shading devices in the xml file:



I believe the parameteres is activated according to listing priority.So:

The device is deactivated if the wind speed is above 20m/sec (The wind constrain can be totally deactivated by changing true to false)
The device is activated when the temperature is above 22. (The temperarature constrain can be totally deactivated by changing true to false)

Still I cannot understand what are the bold ones....!!

Any help would be much appreciated.
Daniel Kovacs
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Dear Retdefender,

The values in question are the ShadingCatalog.xml tags of the ARCHICAD content.

In the attached PDF you can find the description of Solar Irradiation Modeling, and on page 4 there's a figure that explains what the ‘Eth’ and ‘Thorn’ angle values mean.

The tags containing “...ConstrainSolar” are for turning the VIPCore engine’s own shading calculation on/off.

The corresponding „...TriggerSchedule” values are set to true when there is an adjustable shader device in the given direction, which EcoDesigner can use to simulate the hourly solar irradiation of ARCHICAD’s 3D geometry, and send it as input data into the VIPCore engine. If this value is set to false then the given direction will not take part in the shader simulation.

(ARCHICAD calculates the percentage of every opening polygon’s solar irradiation throughout the year, and shades the openings with these values as they would be visible in 3D while taking into consideration the given project location, the climate data and the sun direction above the horizon.)

The only rule regarding these two values (TriggerSchedule and ConstainSolar) is that both cannot be turned on together. If the VIPCore engine gets a TriggeredSchedule type of shader, it won’t change the status of these pre-calculated shading angles, and will work directly as ARCHICAD’s solar irradiation calculation set them up according to the hourly calculations based on the 3D model.

I hope this is clear for you (I am not an expert in this field, so I am not quite sure I explained it correctly). I hope that together with the attached PDF it will make sense for you.

Daniel Alexander Kovacs

Professional Services Consultant


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