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Archicad 25 Teamwork error




with Archicad version 25 (Update 5010) we often get errors in Teamwork such as we see on a printscrean below: "Reload from server" , "Reload from recovery file" it seems like there is some kind of bug?




This never happened with previous Archicad versions and possibly would not happen in Archicad 26 (which we have not test yet). Does anyone have any experiences with this kind of error and could suggest any possible solutions?




Thank you

Simone Marin

Hello, this has happened to me several times! The solution I found next to the office I worked for was: get out of the project and clean the graphisoft folder from your server. In this way, unfortunately, you lost all the work, but it did not happen again.

Hi Simone! This seems like a solution for us also.

May I ask you what you mean by deleting a Graphisoft folder, like preferences or Graphisoft from program files where Archicad is installed or deleting from Teamwork and uploading again?


Sorry, I am a bit confused and we might need to ask IT department to do it.


thank you thank you thank you!




Hi Ananas,

I would try using the latest version before the preference cleaning. It is possible that this is a known issue that was fixed in the latest version. I remember that update 6000 has fixed many Teamwork issues: List of Improvements in Archicad 25 Updates – Graphisoft

Hopefully, it will not be necessary to do the preference cleaning 🙂

Kaíque Baêta Cruz

Thank you!!!


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