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BIM Server test database

Having perused the tutorial for AC 14 and believing BIM Server is installed correctly, and appears to be functioning properly, would like to test with another remote system.

Our remote system in CO, USA is not being connected as anticipated, and thought there may be another remote database to login into and complete the configuration for this OH, USA single user station.

We have studied.........

and ..........have been using the GS Interactive training guide, however, db in the model, found in ArchiCAD Collaboration Part 1 (ArchiCAD Teamwork) is not operational, thus can not complete task.

........thanks !
Michael |:-)
AC 4.5 - 19 Build 3003 Full USA
Mac OSX 10.10

Greg Kmethy

Please call Tech Support and we will be glad to help you with this issue. In general, here is a checklist for allowing remote connection to your BIM server:

- The office where your BIM server is located should have a static external IP address. Static means that it belongs to you and will not change every month, like your home Internet connection's IP address. You have to purchase this from your Internet service provider. External means that this is not the regular 172.x.y.z, 192.x.y.z or 10.x.y.z address that you use within the office.)
- The router that connects your BIM server machine to the Internet probably has a firewall (built in or separate). This has to be set up to allow teamwork communication (e.g. Ports 14001, 14002, 14004 have to be open for BIM server 14)
- The router also has to be set up to forward incoming traffic on these ports to the Internal IP address of the BIM server. (The internal IP address starts with 172.x.y.z, 192.x.y.z or 10.x.y.z)
- On the client's end, where you want to connect from, you also have to have a router/firewall setup that enables traffic through those three ports. In most typical cases don't have to do anything to achieve this.
- Then just "dial" the external IP address of the BIM server from ArchiCAD (Teamwork/Project/Connect...).
Gergely Kmethy
VP, Customer Success, Graphisoft

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