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BIMcloud SaaS Initial User (Service Administrator with GSID) Licence usage in Browser?

So i bought SaaS and...

BIMcloud SaaS comes with an inital administrative account (GSID).
When logging into the BIMCloud Manager (Browser) I see that this account "eats up" one Licence.

Documentation shows otherwise: BIMcloud SaaS Help >Create Users

In an OnPremise (self hosted) BIMCloud / Basic there is masteradmin, which is not consuming a Licence. Thats why this left me a bit disappointed. An Adminstrator should be allowed to login to the Backend, regardless of the Licence useage.

Question is: Do I really need to count in an extra Licence for the Service Administrator? Or can i just revoke the Licence? (same screenshot)
Since the initial Service Administrator has a special Role i wanted to ask bevor hardlocking myself out.

Cheers, S.
Admin of BIM [Cloud] [SaaS] [Server] | AC 19-25 [Win&Mac Clients] | VM's

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

Sorry to hear about your disappointment.

Service admin user on BIMcloud as a Service is not the same kind of user what the masteradmin is. Unlike the masteradmin, your GSID based user can login from Archicad and work in Teamwork, therefore the license usage is required. Also, from BIMcloud 2020.2, even logging in to the Manager web interface requires a license, so you cannot even revoke the license from your GSID user.

If you have any other question, feel free to ask me.

Kind regards,

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin

Not a big Deal, I'll get used to it
Thanks for your Answer.
Admin of BIM [Cloud] [SaaS] [Server] | AC 19-25 [Win&Mac Clients] | VM's

Well funny thing... I could rewoke it and give it to an other user.. I just told to the Admin to bring its own license.. and now I have the problem, that I can't enter anymore at all in the Admin to change the licenses again... I did a really stupid thing... How can I resolve this??

Hi NoA,

If you set Bring Your Own License for your Service Administrator user and you have no other user who has permission to manage licenses, then all you can do is raising a support ticket and our Technical Support team will help you fixing the permissions.


If you have any other user who can manage licenses and user settings, then I suggest to log in with them and revoke Bring Your Own License setting from your Service Administrator user.

Kind regards,

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin

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