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Bandwidth - BIMcloud for Archicad 26


I'm part of a small architecture firm in Boston. With the new upgrade to Archicad 26 and the BIMcloud, the internet requirements are massive and costly. Is anyone that's part of a small firm working on Archicad 26 - and how much bandwidth do you have in the office?? Graphisoft is recommending 50mbps per user. I'd love it if anyone has insight on this!!


i use to work for an Architecture firm doing Large Towers (over 40 stories)

it was all done in teamwork.


assuming BIMcloud is just a "Graphisoft hosted Teamwork server" then


Bandwidth over the internet:

At the end of the project a fully documented 47 story apartment tower with the entire model and all working drawings inside was 1.6GB (400 + Apartments) as an example.

Download or first login to a project:

when you first log into a teamwork model it will copy the file down to the local computer:

at 50 Mbps = 6 MB/s or max 5 minutes to download that entire file from the server.

all work after that is done by a difference engine

walls and lines are only a few kilobytes each

a days worth of work is at max a few MBs

so a send and receive at the end of the day, even at 5MBytes would only take less than a second on a 50Mb connection.


for a normal file of less than 500MBs it would take just over a minute to log on the first time.

you only need to "Release all" at the end of the day, you don't need to log out.

you only log out and log back in if there are problems with the file.


if you look at the average size of the saved files you currently work on:

say 200MB to 300MB

say you have a 10Mb internet connection

300MB = 300x8(bits per Byte)

=2400 MB

2400/10Mb connection

240 Seconds

240/60 sec per minute

4 min for fist download of full file (normally files start smaller and grow over time)


send and receive of a 10MByte change

10MB x 8 bits per Byte



8 Seconds to send your changes, shorter than a save to you Hard drive.

to receive other peoples changes another 8-20 seconds depending on the size of the team.

send and receive  for less than 30 seconds on average.


just remember to do send and receives every hour.


you should only require high bandwidth to the service when logging on and doing send and receives.

you only need a total of 50Mbs for the office, not per machine, as you will not all be logging on at the same time or doing send and receives at the same time.


for the 50Mbs connection your download or initial share would be less than a minute, your send and receives would be less than 10 seconds.



Not everyone has access to 1000Mb internet,

i am only on 50/20 in Oz

internet does not have to be symmetrical for teamwork, if that is what is being used.

I am up to page 4,152 of Archicad 27 Reference Guide, (Bluebeam Connection), but i got to read it all 😞
don't tell 'em i cheated by reading the last page first to see how it ends 🙂

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