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BimCloud Basic Backup Scripts

Hi guys!

I modified the original BimCloud Basic Backup Task files from here

Biggest difference: The original Script stops the server, does the backup and starts again. In my script, the Server/Workstation does a reboot. This gives me the advantage of not having to care about Windows Updates, RAM errors or starting the BimCloud. I have added some descriptions to make it a hopefully easier to understand and a XML file to import into the windows task scheduler.

Take a look, maybe you have some good suggestions on how to improve the script.
Some improvements that come to my mind:

- Maybe we could put it into one file.

- ping localhost -n 10 >nul looks strange to me. Why not wait for x seconds or even better check if the service is still running?

- Use variables
New version
Zip Download link:

I merged it into two files. Two files makes sense, because you need a separate backup file for every instance.
The ping localhost is just a delay without output. Changed it to 30s just to be sure.
Made the script a little bit easier by using variables.

I removed all the output suppression. I like to be able to see the output if I run it manually and there is no output if run by task scheduler. For testing you can put the "pause" into the files. That way the script stops until you put a button.

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