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Teamwork: low performance during bulk reservation in big project


I faced with problem while working in teamwork. I have little bit big project (20000 m2 ) with more than 300 rooms. Each room have "interior elevations" (~5000 viewpoints for the entire project). When I try to reservate several rooms I spend about 1-2 seconds for each viewpoint. Archicad go line by line on each viewpoint and reserve it.

I tryid to reserve all interior elevations and it tooks about 30-40 min. How to speed up this? Why bulk reservation is so slow during working in teamwork (BimCloud)?



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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

I think you have bumped into a performance limitation, which I am not surprised about at all. To be honest, having 5000!!! Viewpoints in a Project sounds like an incredible number.

I am not sure you can do anything about that if you leave your project file like this.

I would start thinking about splitting the project into model and documentation files. I would probably create several "Interior Elevation" documentation files, with the original model Project File hotlinked into each of them, and all Interior Elevation Viewpoints deleted from the original model Project File.

I would first try to test where the slowness starts (for example, at 1000 Viewpoints). You would need to save a copy of the Project file as a test file and work it out in that file. In the test file, I would start deleting Interior Elevation groups in the Project Map, let's say delete half of them to see if 2500 Viewpoints is a number where the project still gives good performance. If it does, you will be able to create two Interior Elevation Project Files, with the original Project hotlinked into each.

If 2500 Viewpoint is still too many and performance is still slow, delete another 830 Viewpoints so you will have 1670 left, which would mean 3 Interior Elevation Project Files with ~1670 Viewpoints in each, with the model Project File hotlinked into each.

This way you can find the sweet spot of how many Viewpoints such a file should have to still give good performance.


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@Laszlo Nagy  

Thanks for your suggestion, but how to deal with following problem: 

I have viewpoints in module, but when I insert this module into main project I don't se these viewpoint?

Modules do not bring in view points (or the views saved from those view points) - unless they were created with the 'iceberg' method where they are created on other storeys of your master file, rather than separate files.

If they did and they all had an external north elevation for example, you would end up with potentially dozens of external north elevations in your master file, when you only need one.

Granted it would make sense to do this for internal elevations.


As far as I know you need to create the view points and views you want in the master file that you bring the modules into.


If you have saved the module as a separate file though, it is possible to to add drawings (views) from those files into the layouts of the master file, without having to re-create all of the viewpoints.



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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

@hathi Let us say you want to create two Interior Elevation files because having only 2500 IE Viewpoints gives good performance.


What I mean is

1. You make 2 copies of your original model file. Let us refer to them as IE-1.pln and IE-2.pln. Let us refer to the original file as Model.pln.

2. Delete half of the Interior Elevation Viewpoints from IE-1.pln (e. g. IE Viewpoints 2501-5000) so only IE Viewpoints 0001-2500 remain in that file.

3. Delete all model geometry from IE-1.pln.


4. Delete the other half of the Interior Elevation Viewpoints from IE-2.pln (e. g. IE Viewpoints 0001-2500) so only IE Viewpoints 2501-5000 stay in that file.

5. Delete all model geometry from IE-2.pln, too.

6. Delete all IE Viewpoints (0001-5000) from Model.pln.

7. Hotlink the original model file (Model.pln) into EI-1.pln.

8. Hotlink Model.pln into EI-2.pln, too.

Then you will have no IE Viewpoints in the original model file, and you will have half of the IE Viewpoints in each dedicated IE documentation files, with the original Model file hotlinked into each.


If you need to split Interior Elevation Viewpoints to more files because of performance reasons, then you would do this with 3, 4, or 5 IE files but the principles are the same.

Of course, before you do this, you should save backup copies so you can restore the original state of needed.

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AMD Ryzen 1700X CPU, 48 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB, 500 GB NVMe SSD
2x28" (2560x1440), WIN10 PRO ENG, Ac20-Ac27
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