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Can't change some settings in BIM Cloud Basic

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We try to use BIMCloud Basic
Install last version, do the setup steps and all works fine (i suppose:))
But when i need to change some setting in BIMCloud Basic Manager - i can't do it
For example:
I need to change email settings. I login as masteradmin, go to Main-Server-Settings-Server-BIMCloud Basic Manager and click on button EDIT at "email settings" section
(see screen1.jpg)
The fields become editable and I wrote correct setting there (I need to change port from 587 to 465 and security from SSL\TLS to SSL only)
But then - when i try to click SAVE button - nothing happened.
(see screen2.jpg)

The setting are not saved!
and I can't change the webpage untill i discard the settings

I try not to change any settings - just click on EDIT button and then SAVE - everything repeats the same way
I try to use other browser - no effect (I try Chrome, Firefox, Edge - all last builds)

Can someone help me - how i can change the email settings in my BIMCloud Basic?
Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

Unfortunately this is a known issue with our BIMcloud 2021.1. However, good news is that it is fixed in BIMcloud 2021.2 which has a really close release date for on-premises versions too.

Kind regards,

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin