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Crash - Cannot find string table in resources. [solved]

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Suddenly this project file started crashing, first while sending changes to the Teamwork file, then I saved it as a solo project and it still crashes on saving with the following error
Cannot find string table in resources.
I've been working on this machine and version for a few years and other TW projects are OK, so it is definitely something in the file.

I have a number of modules placed, some small facade pieces (about 800 throughout this multistory building), but the problem started when I began adding some MEP plans which I cleaned up from AutoCAD and placed as a hotlink in lieu of an Xref. Occasionally when updating modules the screen will remain black which means the only way out is to save and restart, but saving leads to the error.

I'm interested in knowing how many modules Archicad can handle. The facade .mod files are only about 200kb and the MEP .pln files are 1-3mb each.

I'd really like to hear some thoughts on this one! Thanks up front!

Another thing I can mention is that while it was crashing in TW I noticed that it was therefore not making a backup. All I've got is an .adm and .txt file an TWBackup.dat which is 0 bytes!

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I was certain that as soon as I posted I would find a solution, perhaps not a solution but the problem ceased.

I still don't know what it was, but the corrupt teamwork file was over 100 Mb. When I saved it as a solo project I noticed it was only 48 Mb. After working with it for a week I again created a new TW file.
It remains 48 Mb and does not crash when sending and most importantly is creating backups!

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