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Error log after uploading the library to BIM Components

Hi guys, I was hoping you can help me out with some issues that come up as part of the "automatic checking process" BIMCOMPONENTS uploads go through.

I did try to get the required feedback from however as is often the case, Graphisoft don't seem to be interested in helping those who try and contribute to their cause.

2 objects that are coming up in the error log are written by me, however I cannot pin point the issue. There are no errors in the script within the ArchiCAD code.
I do have overlapping elements in the User Interface script however other objects with same issue did not come up with an error after the BIMCOMPONENTS check.

I did read a while ago that it's best not to use divisions in GDL - however I am using it for my brick coursing formula 0.6/7 instead of 0.0857142, could this be it?

1 other object is an edit of an Australian Essential Library. I added ability to have a number string based on distance between numbers, rather then objects overall length. I do not know and cannot see any reference to FRAGMENT2?

Any help is much appreciated.

You can download the library from here:

PS. Is there any way to run the error check myself rather then uploading the object and then waiting to see the results. It would make for much easier troubleshooting. My understanding is that I need to convert my GSM to XML and then back to GSM?

Brick Height Marker
C:\Resources\directory\037dea269b8c453cb413219eaa93db00.Graphisoft.ObjectPortal.WopeRole.WC\XML4268\JC Library\2d Detailing\Brick Height Marker.xml(78) : error: (in Script_1D) : Incompatible types in expression

Brick Height
C:\Resources\directory\037dea269b8c453cb413219eaa93db00.Graphisoft.ObjectPortal.WopeRole.WC\XML4268\JC Library\2d Detailing\Brick Height.xml(132) : error: (in Script_1D) : Incompatible types in expression

Numbering String JCe
C:\Resources\directory\037dea269b8c453cb413219eaa93db00.Graphisoft.ObjectPortal.WopeRole.WC\O4268\JC Library\2d Detailing\Numbering String JCe.gsm(0) : warning: Unused FRAGMENT2 block.
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