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Hotlinked files out of TW database and "wall fills"

Well, after trying to finally settle down the IFC issues, something else came up we noticed.

Apparently, there were some wall fills (or any fill for that matter) that were in one hotlink TW file that weren't in another one.
When one file was being linked to the other, the fills came up as (MISSING) in the parameters box.

I switched the fill to a generic (25%) fill and that resolved the issue.

But, what I found really strange was that Archicad, on it's own, decided to replace the (MISSING) fill with something random like "2x4 brick w insulation" what the heck is that all about?
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ArchiCAD uses numbers associated with attributes, not names for assignment purposes. So in file A fill # 25 "2x4 brick w insulation" and file B may have "Lines 45 degree" as fill #25. If file B is Hotlinked into file A, File A's fills show in B's elements.

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And welcome to your newest can of worms!


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