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Does anyone know of have seen in an archicad GSM object or library where can I get "this" type of window or door? thanks.
I've asked this before and it seems the answer I get is "change a doors classification to window" or "buy some add-on software that has those bifold windows"? is there no bifold windows to be used from the standard US Archicad24 version?
I'm posting this question up for a friend. Seems when he uses the AC24 DWG's 'exploding' all objects into individual lines, arcs, little pieces and segments of lines....and his engineers are having a heck of a time with the DWG file. ...
Project Scope: 50 unit housing development. 2 stories each unit plus a simple thickened edge slab on grade and foundation. There are 6 unit types (A1, A2, A3 B1 B2 B3) which will need to be spread throughout the site. Each story setting is set to be ...
What gives? I'm using the stock "out of the box" AC24 Architectural template and...I now get this odd greenish-tint when I enter into the working model environment of any it elevations, sections... what gives?
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