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How to migrate to BIM Server 18

Nick Cornia

New features of BIM Server 18

  • Browser  based management interface (replaces the BIM Server Manager application)
  • Network communication using standard http/https protocol
  • Folders for projects

Migration from older versions

As a first step choose a computer you would like to install the new BIM Server on. This can be either:
  • the computer that runs your current BIM Server
  • any other computer that meets the System Requirements
As BIM Server 18 is a completely new technology, it is not possible to install on top of your current BIM Server. This means it can be installed on the same hardware alongside with older versions, but it will be a separate application. It is strongly recommended to have the possible least number of BIM Server versions running simultaneously on the same computer. After migrating all data remove/uninstall the older versions to keep all resources available for the latest server. Before migration make sure that you have a full backup and appropriate time for the migration process.

Install BIM Server v18

Install the BIM Server using the installer from the DVD/downloaded from the web. If you have BIM Server 17 or below installed on the computer you might see the following message:
Click Change, name the Folder "BIM Server 18" and proceed as explained in the documentation. At the end of the installation, the configuration will be done in your default web browser. If you face any difficulties within the browser, try an alternate supported one. You can copy paste the url over to the new browser.

Firewall, network

Open the new ports on all related firewalls and forward them in the router's settings if necessary for public access over the Internet. The new default ports:
  • BIM Server Manager: 1228
  • BIM Server v18 module: 18008
Consider using port 80 for the BIM Server Manager if no other services are using it. Port 80 is the standard for communication via the http protocol. If port 80 is used there will be no need to specify the port in addresses.  This results easier access when connecting from ARCHICAD or from a web browser. A DNS name is required for the computer that runs the BIM Server. If the server is accessed from both the local area network and over the Internet always use the Fully Qualified Domain Name instead of the IP addresses.

Address input

Once BIM Server 18 is installed, to access the BIM Server Manager, open a web browser and type combined address and port into browser address bar. Default port is 1228. Examples of the address format: or http://IP address:1228  Note: Do not mix different URLs, like DNS names and IP addressesUse the same format from ARCHICAD as well.

Migrate Users and Roles

Use BIM Server Manager to create Users and/or Roles. You can also import previous role and user databases.

Export data in v17 and older versions

  • Open BIM Server Manager application that belongs to v17 version
  • Go to Users
  • Export, All users...
  • Go to Roles
  • Export

Import data in BIM Server 18

  • Open the browser based management interface
  • Navigate to users
  • Click on '+' next to the Users
  • Import
  • Browse for the user database you exported previously
  • Repeat the same with roles
Please note that some of the management roles like Server Administrator and Project Administrator are not coming over during the migration. Manually set these for all users who require them.

Upload Libraries

First upload the latest ARCHICAD 18 library and the migration libraries:
  • Open ARCHICAD 18
  • File, Libraries and Objects, Manage BIMcloud / BIM Server Libraries...
  • Connect to your BIM Server - make sure you use the the full url when connecting:
  • Click on the Upload... button
  • Browse for the ARCHICAD 18 library in your ARCHICAD 18 folder
  • Upload all migration libraries from the ARCHICAD 18 folder you might need for your projects
Upload the libraries from your previous BIM Server
  • Open the previous ARCHICAD version you were using like ARCHICAD 17
  • File, Libraries and Objects, Manage BIM Server Libraries...
  • Select each library and check the Source Folder
  • Go over to ARCHICAD 18 and upload all libraries based on the previous Source Folders

Migrate Projects

To Migrate Projects from BIM Server 13 thru 17, please follow the migration guide. Alternatively you can do it manually:
  • Open project in its current version of ARCHICAD
  • Save as a .PLN (ARCHICAD Solo Project)
  • Open the PLN and change library source from a BIM Server to a Linked library which resides on your workstation or a common file server
  • Save the file and open it in ARCHICAD 18
  • Use the Library Migration service if prompted.
  • Share the project from version 18 using Teamwork>Projects>Share Project.
To share or join projects from ARCHICAD 18 go to Teamwork>Project>Share... or Open/Join Teamwork Project... and enter the combined server address and port, same format as shown above. ( If you are migrating from ARCHICAD 17 you might find the built in Migration tool easier. Teamwork>Project>Migrate Project...  

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