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BIMx Web application on BIMcloud

Ferenc Szalontai

Improvements of the new BIMx Web application


In BIMcloud 2024.1, the BIMx Web application has been upgraded to the next-generation version, which is a completely new app. It provides significantly better performance and many new features: 

  • Faster loading times
  • Improved 3D performance for smoother navigation 
  • Enhanced navigation system 
  • Ability to measure in both 3D and on 2D layouts 
  • Expanded shading options 
  • Implementation of shadow casting with date & time sun positioning and dynamic skybox 
  • Enhanced 3D representation through adjusted ambient occlusion and colors 
  • Interactive element selection and element labels 
  • Ability to save favorite 2D & 3D views 
  • Support for playing presentations 

Learn more in the BIMx Web User Guide and follow BIMx News to stay up-to-date.


Important notes


  • To increase BIMcloud's security, the BIMx Web application will only work if the browser connects to BIMcloud via https. BIMcloud SaaS always uses the more secure https connection. In the case of an http connection of BIMcloud on-premises, BIMx Web will not be available embedded into BIMcloud. The only exception to this is if the browser is run on the server computer and localhost is included in the URL.  (http://localhost:<port>)  
  • If the https communication channel cannot be solved, then the best solution is to use the BIMx Desktop or the BIMx Mobile application. 
  • Please note: updating the BIMcloud Manager is not enough to guarantee the smooth operation of BIMx in the updated BIMcloud. The BIMcloud Server component must also be updated to get the full benefits and to access BIMx.

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