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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations

Teamwork & BIMcloud

Read articles about Teamwork, BIMcloud, BIMcloud Basic, BIMcloud Software as a Service, network settings, etc.


Archive locations of BIMcloud and BIM Server logs

Logs locations of BIMcloud 18, 19, 20 and 21 WindowsmacOS BIMcloud Manager log files C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\BIMcloud\BIMcloud Manager\Logs BIMcloud Manager data files C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\BIMcloud\BIMcloud Manager\Data BIMcloud Server log...

BIM Server Backup Guide

Related versions: v18 and newer Backing up your BIM Server is essential to avoid data loss and minimize the time needed in case of a disaster recovery. Your backup can also be used for moving the Teamwork Projects and Libraries or even the entire ins...


How to repair the BIM Server

Related versions: v18 and newer When BIM Server is not running properly because of missing or corrupted program files, or in case of cosmetic issues, it is easier to repair the BIM Server than to setup the whole environment again. You can start the r...

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BIM Server system components

Related versions: v18 and newer In case of the following system components, both the network communication and file related operations need to be on the exclusion list if any antivirus/firewall/network monitoring application is used. Components BIM S...


Getting Started with GRAPHISOFT BIM Server

Related versions: v18 and newer This article will guide you through the BIM Server installation and configuration step by step with some additional information. Before Installing Checklist for installing the BIM Server in the local area network (LAN)...

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BIMcloud and BIM Server

Teamwork basics To get familiar with the concepts of Team Collaboration with ARCHICAD check the official BIMcloud site on Hardware and software requirements Official System Requirements for BIMcloud and BIM Server on Rec...

Possible BIM Server performance decrease on Mac mini

Affected version(s): BIM Server 19 Build 8000 and BIM Server 20 Build 5011 | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 204281 Issue With the new BIM Server updates (BIM Server 19 8000, BIM Server 20 5011) there may be a decrease in performance on Mac bas...


Start and stop BIM Server manually

Related versions: v18 and newer There are two options to start or stop the BIM Server manually (the results are the same in case of both options): Using the BIM Server tray icon. Directly starting or stopping the BIM Server's services. Start and stop...

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Project permissions are not visible after update

OS X El Capitan compatibility Updates (v18 Update 7000 and v19 update 4006) contain some major fixes to OS X El Capitan. Important note for Teamwork users: although it is essential for OS X El Capitan users to update, it is NOT recommended for Teamwo...

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How to migrate to BIM Server 19

New features of BIM Server 19 BIMcloud Control Icon on Menu bar/Taskbar: easier access and management of services Simplified BIM Server connection management Network Diagnostic Tool Migration from older versions As a first step choose a computer you ...

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How to migrate to BIM Server 18

New features of BIM Server 18 Browser based management interface (replaces the BIM Server Manager application) Network communication using standard http/https protocol Folders for projects Migration from older versions As a first step choose a comput...


BIM Server Setup Key Points

This article is aimed at users of the FREE BIM Server. Applies to BIM Server 18 and above. A number of things changed in BIM Server 18 from previous versions. Below are key points to know when getting started. What is my BIM Server address? BIMcloud ...

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Troubleshoot BIM Server after Java update on 10.6

Issue After installing the latest Java 6 update on OSX 10.6 thru 10.8, some unnecessary applications show up on the dock and the server may not run properly. Cause The BIM Server is not compatible with Java update: 1.6.0_51 Solution To make the BIM S...

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