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Teamwork & BIMcloud
Read articles about Teamwork, BIMcloud, BIMcloud Basic, BIMcloud Software as a Service, network settings, etc.


Breaking Hotlinked Modules in Teamwork

When having Hotlinked Modules in Teamwork projects you might have run into the problem of not being able to break the hotlinks as in the solo projects. Reserving the modules and/or the Hotlink Manager dialog itself doesn’t solve the problem either, t...

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Teamwork operations are slow

Related versions: v19 and newer Archicad users experience slow down or freeze during Teamwork operations (Send & Receive, Send, Receive, Reserve, Release) in teamwork projects. Possible reasons based on the frequency of occurrence Archicad or BIMclou...

Archicad users experience offline status in Teamwork

Related versions: v19 and newer Possible reasons based on the frequency of occurrence Archicad or BIMcloud / BIMcloud Basic is not up-to-date Make sure that all Archicad clients and BIMcloud / BIMcloud Basic components are updated to the latest build...

Error: "Unsuccessful Teamwork operation!"

Related versions: v19 and newer When an Archicad user attempts to Open a teamwork project or do a Send & Receive in teamwork, the operation fails with the above error message. Archicad or BIMcloud / BIMcloud Basic is not up-to-date Make sure that all...

Managing Changes and Assuring Model Quality in Archicad

During the building design process, changes are constant. A crucial task of lead architects and BIM Managers is to track, manage, and approve all the desired changes and filter unwanted or accidental changes from different people of different discipl...

Tracking Changes in Teamwork Projects

The Change Tracking feature allows Teamwork users to follow any modifications made in the project by fellow teammates. This functionality was introduced in Archicad 24 and is only available with BIMcloud. (It is not a part of the BIMcloud Basic featu...

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Troubleshooting Checklist for BIMcloud as a Service Users

This article collects the most typical issues experienced on BIMcloud as a Service. Please go through these troubleshooting steps to find a quick solution. Check first - is your BIMcloud as a Service available from the browser? After registration to ...

Working from Home with Archicad

At GRAPHISOFT we are doing our best to assist our users during the challenging times of the COVID-19 outbreak.Read this article to learn how we can help you. If you are considering to work from home, you will need to prepare your environment to be ac...

Network Requirements

Related versions: v19 and newer, BIMcloud as a Service Addresses Domain names or IP addresses Before installing any server products, consider how the server(s) will be accessed by clients (Archicad, BIMx) and other servers (BIMcloud). Plan for a long...

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Archicad Reports 0 Bytes Libraries in Teamwork Project

Affected versions: from Archicad 22 Issue Occasionally, when a Teamwork project is opened, Archicad's Library Manager reports 0 bytes libraries. The issue is not experienced by all team members, and not all projects are affected. Reason BIMcloud libr...

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Project Library Folder in BIMcloud

The Past In v21 and older versions libraries had their own page in the BIMcloud Manager and the library list was flat. it was possible to control each library’s access individually with detailed permissions, but it was hard to manage libraries from a...

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Ed Brown by Graphisoft Alumni

Grasshopper - ARCHICAD Live connection: Teamwork

This article summarizes how ARCHICAD elements generated and modified by the Grasshopper - ARCHICAD Live connection behave in a Teamwork environment. Reservation Elements created in a Teamwork environment from Grasshopper will be locked and reserved b...

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ESC key doesn't work in Archicad 20 Teamwork on Windows

Affected version(s): BIM Server 20 build 3012, 4009 and 4017 | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: #215068 NOTE: This issue is fixed in the Update 5025. Issue In Teamwork the ESC key may not work, when trying to cancel operations. This is due to un...

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Error: "Error happened while connecting to project"

Related versions: v19 and newer Possible reasons based on the frequency of occurrence Archicad or BIMcloud / BIMcloud Basic is not up-to-date Make sure that all Archicad clients and BIMcloud / BIMcloud Basic components are updated to the latest build...

Working in Teamwork

with Educational License In non-Teamwork mode an Archicad file created in the Educational license can be opened by a full (commercial) license of Archicad, which will then switch to 'Educational mode' as long as that file is in use. The same applies ...

BIMcloud troubleshooting checklist

Situation: work on BIMcloud projects is seriously hindered, most of the clients (ARCHICAD) are affected. If Teamwork is working, but the performance is extremely slow with most of the users (or with all users), then close all ARCHICAD or limit Teamwo...

Troubleshooting Connection Errors in Archicad Teamwork

These are general troubleshooting steps you should take if users are having trouble connecting to the BIM Server in a local area network (LAN) environment. General signs of possible connection issues are the following error messages: "Cannot Connect ...

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Workflow Changes in Teamwork with Archicad 18

Archicad 18 contains several developments that aim for a more robust and reliable Teamwork experience. For example, performance improvements with the embedded library. Some of these result in workflow changes, please find information about them here....

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Tamas Eros by Graphisoft Alumni


Teamwork basics To get familiar with the concepts of Team Collaboration with Archicad check the official BIMcloud site on Hardware and software requirements Official System Requirements on and Recommended hardware site o...

Display order of 2D vs 3D elements in Teamwork Projects

Issue It is possible to set up a situation in Section/Elevation Views, where 2D elements are behind a certain 3D element, while covering another one, at the same time. When you Send and Recieve in Teamwork, this mixed situation cannot be transferred ...

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Hotlinked Modules in Teamwork

Place Module from a Teamwork Project You can place a hotlinked module from a Teamwork project on a BIM Server into your host project (whether the host project is a shared Teamwork project or a solo project). From the “New Hotlink” popup in the Choose...

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