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Workflow Changes in Teamwork with Archicad 18

Tamas Eros
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Archicad 18 contains several developments that aim for a more robust and reliable Teamwork experience. For example, performance improvements with the embedded library. Some of these result in workflow changes, please find information about them here.

Hotlink and XREF Management

With Archicad 18: [qd_list]
  • You need to reserve Hotlinks and XREFs to update them, or when placing a new instance of an existing hotlink. The Hotlink Manager dialog now has the usual reservation interface.
  • Breaking Hotlinks or binding XREFs is not possible in Teamwork anymore.
  • There is a new command to “Explode” a Hotlink. It is similar to “Break”, but does not keep the associated dimensions and SEOs.
  • In solo files it is still possible to break Hotlinks. For example when you are archiving a project with save as PLA, you have an extra option to break Hotlinks.
  • You can now relink instances of Hotlinks. Previously only whole modules could be relinked.
  • You can now save a file from a Hotlink instance from the “Module Settings” dialog.
[/qd_list] These affect the previously common workflow to make small adjustments to placed hotlink modules. That was (Archicad 17 and before): [qd_list]
  1. break the Hotlink,
  2. make the changes,
  3. select elements,
  4. “save selection as module".
[/qd_list] The recommended workflow in Archicad 18 is to: [qd_list]
  1. select the hotlink instance and open module settings dialog,
  2. "save as file",
  3. open file in separate Archicad and make modifications,
  4. relink hotlink instance to modified file.

Editing Objects

When a library part is being saved with a name that has already been used, it will be automatically renamed by Archicad. Previously teamwork users got a warning to select a different name, but this also meant that others could not send and receive until renaming of the elements has finished. Furthermore it is not possible to submit the modification of a single library part in the embedded library without submitting other modified parts. All the modifications will be sent in one go.

View and Layout Reservation

In Archicad 18 when arranging views and folders in the View Map both the source and target folder has to be reserved by the user. Previously it was possible to move a folder into another without reserving the target folder. This could lead to logical anomalies, e.g. one user moving folder A into B and another user moving folder B into A at the same time.




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