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Project permissions are not visible after update

Istvan Moharos
OS X El Capitan compatibility Updates (v18 Update 7000 and v19 update 4006) contain some major fixes to OS X El Capitan.
 Important note for Teamwork users: although it is essential for OS X El Capitan users to update, it is NOT recommended for Teamwork users to install these updates due to a known BIM Server Manager issue.


Projects' access control list is not visible and cannot be modified in the BIM Server Manager web user interface.


If there are overall 100 access control entries or more in the BIM Server Manager - for all projects - the access control list disappears and project's permissions cannot be modified anymore.
 Important notes
  • If there is a user who has custom settings for a project, every permission row is counted as an access control entry.
  • Every project has an access control entry by default which allows everyone to access the project with their default role.


Although BIM Server users cannot see the access control list, the masteradmin user can still manage the permissions. Log in as masteradmin to see and manage the projects' access control settings.
 Note: it is expected to be fixed in v18 Update 7007 and v19 Update 4011.
What is the masteradmin user? The masteradmin user is set during the BIM Server installation's configuration phase. This user is made for troubleshooting and it has full access to the BIM Server Manager.
How to change masteradmin's password To change the masteradmin's password, start the BIM Server Manager's configurator and set a new password. For the default location see the paths below. Windows C:Program FilesGRAPHISOFTBIM ServerReconfigure v18 Manager OS X /Applications/GRAPHISOFT/BIM Server/Reconfigure v18 Manager

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