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Joining Teamwork, Downloading time/ speed

Travis Petersen
Good Day,

The issue I noticed today is that ArchiCAD is downloading teamwork cache data very slowly.

I downloaded an app called Glasswire to monitor the internet speed when joining a new file, as it hangs on the first stage 1 | Downloading Data... It's current running for an 1h40m and has only downloaded 281kb of a 4.6gb teamwork file (see attachment 1).

We are working from home due to the current pandemic, however when in the office the same issue occurs. I've sent our IT team a previous thread with a list of executables which need to be check on the firewall and antivirus.

At the very least I thought ArchiCAD would download project data at the rate of the users current internet speed? (attachment 2)

Is there any knowledge from your side which could assist with this issue?

We've previously moved our Bimcloud server to a Microsoft external cloud storage and it created broken library links, we came up with a work around to turn off the network to allow the file to open then to turn back on and relink all libraries, however the current file in question was shared recently.

our user desktops have also been linked to one drive therefore each users file path is different. if this matters...

Please help.
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