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Migrating Bimcloud versions 22/23 from MacOS to Windows 10

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We have an old MacMini Server running Bimcloud versions 22 and 23 that we would like to migrate to a Windows 10 machine.

We were told we have to export each individual project from the Archicad app and import it onto the Windows 10 Server.
We also understood that they may be some issues that come along with it (missing features or something).

The support team was not clear on it and thus why I am asking the question.
Can we simply export/import an entire database of projects to a new Server without risking to brake stuffs and take forever?

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

In case of BIMcloud Basic, there is no easier way than export and import projects and libraries one by one between the new and old BIMcloud Basic setups.

Migration can work between different BIMcloud Basics with the same build and Archicad lock version, but it's similar to what you can achieve with re-share. Also, while you re-share your projects, it's a great opportunity to do a maintenance and check if each and every project is needed, or some of them can be archived.

Kind regards,

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin