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Publishing MODs to BCaaS now works

I only get 6 Google hits for "publish modules" BIMcloud and 3 for "publishing modules" BIMcloud.

I noticed one can now “export” a PLN to BIMcloud, so I tried publishing MODs to a BIMcloud folder in BCaaS. I published to, placed, and updated from there with no problem. This is great.
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Yes, I think the reason you got so few hits is that it is a relatively new feature as it was implemented in Archicad 24.
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Publishing to BIMcloud is a game changer for BCaaS, which was a game changer for BC.

Probably one last related wish of mine would be some file storing capability in the same cloud, for having live links to external files (pictures, PDFs generated from Excel) or storing xmls without having to maintain a separate file server. There might be some related procedure in place already that I am not aware of.

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