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Embeed Xref and Images in DWG file?

Santi Lombana

Hi team! 

Question regarding publishing DWG.

I tried a few things but can't find the answer anywhere, we have a few layouts with many images and Xrefs, when exporting those layouts as DWG files from Archicad, Archicad will create individual files for each image and reference along with the actual DWG file, this wasn't a problem before,  but so many external references is becoming a bit annoying, is there an option to embed all those images inside the DWG file, similar to how it works when publishing PDF and avoid creating individual files for each image/xref? 





When you go to Publisher, go Translator (picture 1) , on For futher editing or something else you pick, select Under place drawings into: Single dxf /dwg file.


Than you will get a dwg file with all pictures inside.


If however inside folder where is dwg file there are still pictures that you have used and youre dwg file needs those pictures to show them, than you need to attach them inside AutoCAD software. After attaching you can easy delete used images. 


Attach a image inside AutoCAD- can be easily found on YouTube


Santi Lombana

Thanks Miki!

I have tried that, it won't embed everything unfortunately but will try doing it with Autocad! Thanks again!.