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Must all participants install Bim server?

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Must all participants of a teamwork project need to install a BIM server+BIM server control/management?

When im at school with my projectgroup we able to connect to the teamwork project, to BIM server that i have installed on my laptop. The problem is when we are at home and trying to work on the teamwork project, no one ells can connect to the server. So they are working offline on the teamwork project except me, i can see myself "online".

Can someone explain or tell me what i need to do to fix the problem..?

PS: im just working 1,5 day with Archicad and this new BIM system (its a must from school )
Karl Ottenstein
Nobody else needs to install the BIM Server or Manager, but there isn't an easy way (without VPN back to your school network) for a laptop to be a server on two completely separate networks.

Ideally, the BIM Server should not be on your laptop, but should be on some computer that is always plugged into your school's network - assuming the school has a tech support person to help you set up either a VPN or modify the school firewall/port forwarding.

You can read these articles, but really, they are aimed more at the info tech support person:

Travel Packs might be another option to look at.

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