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TW server does not "see" the sent/received changes

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Hey forum, before stating my problem, I'd like to say that TM is one of the most useful any office could have and it has become absolutely vital in our workflow. Having said that, I'd like to adress an issue that we have faced on some occasions, but when it shows up, its there to stay.
When it happens we can open and work on a project as usual, we can reserve/release and send/receive changes BUT when we try to exit the program it asks us to save and send/receive the changes, even if we just did that.We have no other alternative than to ingore the message and in reality the changes have been sent.When I try to reopen the same project I notice a red symbol next to the user name (I think a red house instead of the usual green one) as if the user left without sending the changes.
So, the problem is not about sending/receiving, but telling the server that we actually did that.
I hope I made myself clear about the problem.
Fortunately we are not facing the same issue at the moment, so I cannot attach screenshots.
Oh, forgot to mention that this problems surfaced on two occasions that I remember
a)after a hotfix update on AC16...and thats the reason that we migrated to 17 a bit faster than the usual yearly software migration, this happened on all machines that we were using AC16 on
b)probably after an update on AC17, I am saying probably because it is when I noticed it, it could have been sooner but we had no open TW project at that moment so I am not 100% sure. This happened to only one machine,connected via VPN.

Tried deleting temps, reinstalling AC , uninstalling/reinstalling JAVA but wih no luck.
My guess is that it has something to do with JAVA...but I cannot put my finger on it.
Any advice?

edit. I've noticed that there is similar post in the forum but as I understand it, they mention that the change in status does happen but with some lag. In my case it's not happening at all.
Marton Kiss

between the last Send & Receive and closing the project do you recall any other steps that were done?

For example when you open a section or view etc. it can regenerate the model and that results changes that needs to be sent.

Let me know if this might be the case.

Marton Kiss
VP, Product Success
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No changes made,
for example, I save----send/receive----release all, as I usually do when I am done working for the day and I get the error, I get all paranoid and do the
exact same procedure just to be sure that I haven't made any changes and still get the same message.
And when this problem appears, I applies to every TW project I join.
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Hi All

I am having a similar problem which I am not sure is related.

I do quite a bit of work at home thru the teamwork server which is fantastic however, when ever I open the project on a different computer it tells me that there are unsent changes on my other computer and I need to discard the project and reload.

I first thought I must have not sent the changes however, I have made a point of making sure the send and receive is the last thing I do and still have the issue.

It becomes a bit tiresome to reload the entire project on some of the bigger jobs.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Marton Kiss

to see what causes it we would need the following diagnostics:
- a support package created on your home computer, right before you leave home
- a support package created on your work computer, after it gives the rrror
Please generate these and get in touch with our local team, who will assist you where to upload the files.

A quick workaround would be creating a separate user on your BIM Server that you only use from home. So basically you would use two user accounts.

Marton Kiss
VP, Product Success
Eduardo Rolon
I have been using a second user as a workaround since AC16 though in 18 you might need to configure your Revision Manager so that you don't show twice on the project list.
Eduardo Rolón AIA NCARB
AC27 US/INT -> AC08

Macbook Pro M1 Max 64GB ram, OS X 10.XX latest
another Moderator

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Thanks Eduardo and Martin.

Makes sense with work around. I will organise the support package tonight.
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I have sent those support packages to Jonny at Graphisoft NZ this morning. I believe they will be in touch.
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Hi Eduardo and Martin.

Below is the reply I received from graphisoft. It seems a bit finicky to me and doesn't appear to allow me to release it and retain the local copy. I think I will stick to using two logins. At this stage that seems the most reliable. Hopefully this will help any others that come across this problem.

HI, I had a developer look at the fastlogs and here is his answer:
the cache became invalid for a reason.
In the workflow detailed by yourself, the following workflow has to be used both at home and in the office:
- Send;
- Receive;
- Receive once again (since when receiving implicit send could occur as well)
- Save without send (no release);
- Close project
If this is followed, the project will not need to be reloaded. It is important NOT to use Send&Receive since Send&Receive receives first and sends after.
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