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I justed wanted to say thanks for all the changes that you have made in the upcoming release. This is a truly unique and magical moment for the design industry as we know it. There are a lot of changes, and some of which are going to revolutionize the industry that we know today into something much more powerful that we could have ever imagined (some of us at least).

The DELTA SERVER is truly going to enhance our industry by leaps and bounds.

The 64-bit machine is another great feature, and hopefully the MAC version will hit the streets, along with the MAC VBE version as well.

The angled slab is cool, the walls with insulation helps.

Though I just wanted point again the DELTA SERVER patented technology is truly amazing, and totally understandable in many ways. This is going to change the face of the design industry. This is probably the most sustainable technological design for the building industry to date. Imagine we don't have to go to an office everyday, we don't have to spend $10k's of advanced hardware on our severs to get then to catch up to our 100mb file transfers while in Archicad. This is truly one of the most amazing and long awaited changes. I can remember working with a team, one in Montana, another in aspen, another in Vancouver, one in LA, one on the east cost, all on the same project, and how hard it was as a team leader to get stuff ready to go initially. That 8 hours of set-up is now gone, the delays in transferring files are gone.

This is our software. This is our time. Archicad'ers need to stand up right now and make some noise about this. The evolution of our software has finally taken the wind out of AUTODESK's #adsk sails/sales. As of yesterday #adsk stocks tumbled on the release of #ac13, the #deltaserver, #graphisoft's new website. This is the time where we need to write our hearts out and put it on the web; in our blogs, in our articles, in our daily communications. We can now do things that have NEVER been possible in our industry since the beginning of time, since the beginning of our industry, since the first CPU's. No one has this technology, no one has the capabilities to do what we do today or tomorrow. There is nothing that is more satisfying than our newly crowned CEO and Global Marketing Director who have been with the company for a really long time, and are young like us, to make these changes.

Stop whining and start clapping your hands and making some comments about publicity about your excitement. I understand the economy is a bucket of rusty bolts, and bankers are idiots. But "our" software has just sniped the competition without even a sound, and all for us, all so that we can become the people who can band together, on any project from any corner of the world.

THIS IS IT, KIDS, We have been apart of something that rarely happens in a lifetime, something that is going to change everything. In 20 years I think it will more clear to most of you owners who always have something stupid to say about the software that you invested in.

Archicad 25 (5005), Windows 11, AMD RYZEN 7 3900 (64 GB RAM)
Three years ago I attended a l 'live' demo of what is now called Tw 2 at the International Reseller Conference in Prague. Speed and Ubiquity were what they were after and now here it is.

I'm pointing this out because it sometimes seems as though some of us figure that the boys cook this stuff up in about 9 months and then roll it out.

If I were a GS programmer reading some of the comments posted here, I'd need a pretty thick skin. On the other hand if I were working on something as exciting as TW2, I'd have a lot of reasons to get out of bed every morning.

TW2 is well over 3 years in development and so I'd like to thank you for persisting and look forward to whatever else it is you're toiling away at now.

You guys Rock!
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Yeah we got a bit of a briefing on it a few years back at my old office too - we were complaining loudly about Teamwork issues and encountered a 'perfect storm' scenario involving certain Apple network systems not playing nicely with ArchiCAD TW (basically rendering TW unusable). It was very reassuring to know that despite all the pointy discussions occuring here and in private that Graphisoft really is listening.

Outcomes like TW2 certainly makes you appreciate how strategic much of the ArchiCAD development actually is - even if the majority of the minor improvements seem a little ad hoc at times.

Despite what i might say about other things in AC13 I really do think TW2 is a killer feature the likes of which ArchiCAD and BIM/VB in general has not seen in a very long time. I have yet to try it out personally but it looks like it is a game changer.

A sincere well done Graphisoft

Owen Sharp

Design Technology Manager
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amonle wrote:
...ArchiCAD just got social
Cool! I like that... The perfect slogan!
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If it works as well as GS are saying, then TW2 is revolutionary. At my office we have a connection that allows 0.5Mb/s uploads and 2Mb/s downloads -- running Revit on the VPN takes much longer (say 10-20x) to save to central. And that's a modest 60Mb project. Larger firms are using expensive WAN accelerators to get data across, so getting something that eliminates the need for that is very big indeed. It will allow joint ventures and flexible team building like nothing seen in architecture yet!
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