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Artlantis Navigation

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Expert archicad user beginner artlantis user here

Is there an easier way to navigate around in 3d in artlantis
similar to the walk feature in archicad?
where you can walk around using WASD (first person type controls)

I find the pan and rotating options frustrating and innacurate way to go about placing cameras. and walking around the models

also the tutorials dont seem to be very helpful.
shows you how to move from one spot and place a camera, but not how to edit the position of a placed camera, or delete it if you dont like it.

Im starting to think that archicads movie path is much easier to use than artlantis, it doesnt seem to show my placed cameras in 2d and a movie path that is imported from archicad i cant seem to add the views to the animation sequence and animate between.

Perhaps someone has a better link to an artlantis tutorial youtube video
that has dialouge and a decent explanation.

help appreciated thank you
Barry Kelly
Probably better to ask Artlantis questions on the Abvent forum rather than here.

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Karl Ottenstein
As I suggested last week (I assume that post helped you?), and Barry now - please do use the Artlantis forums for Artlantis questions. 🙂 But, in any case...

The most accurate way to move in 3D in Artlantis is to use the 2D window - make it as large as you need to be accurate - you can view in plan and various elevations to get the camera and target placed precisely.

The 3D navigation with mouse and modifier keys is "unique" and I have to relearn it every time that i've been away from Artlantis for a while ... and just go back to the 2D window. The 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator device works in Artlantis as another way of moving around.

The movie path is much more powerful and smooth in Artlantis than is possible in ArchiCAD. The recording of the path, and all of the possible things that can change with each keyframe is a bit peculiar, I think, for anyone used to video editing and other keyframed motion software. As Dwight would say: "those French". But, it's fine once you learn how it works.

Search and read the Artlantis forums; ask questions there.
One of the forum moderators
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