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CORONA render add-on for ARCHICAD in the making...

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Hello to the ARCHICAD Community! New to this forum but an old-timer AC user, since v. 6.5...

It was on last month's CHAOSGROUP totalCHAOS event that an announcement was made by Renderlegion representative Mr Adam Hotovy that they are already working on a CORONA plug-in(add-on) for ARCHICAD.

You may forward to 50:50 in the video on ChaosGroupTV youtube channel. It is called: Total Chaos 2018 — Opening keynote and below is the link.

As you watch, take a look at what is happening on the video display wall in the back.

You'll probably notice the CORONA guys wanted some feedback but I am more than sure that they didn't get it on this venue as totalCHAOS is for CG dev's and CG artists. So making CAD/BIM announcements on CG events is a good idea but stands zero to no chances to catch up.

I think it would be massively great if the ARCHICAD Community and/or GRAPHISOFT provide some meaningful and useful feedback that could boost up this CORONA project.

A top performance BIM + a top performance render engine sounds like dynamite to me.

So, I'd repeat Mr Hotovy's question 'What do you think?'
This would be TOTALLY Amazing!!!

Corona is hands down THE Best renderer in the market right now for Architectural visualisations (YES, even better than VRay).
And this is coming from a long-time user of VRay and pretty much most professional rendering programs out there.

The main selling points are that it's has a short learning curve (much easier to come to grips with) than VRay, with much better post-processing tools, and better image/color mapping handling as well as an Interactive renderer that matches the final output. And it's fast.
Faster than VRay even, in some instances.

I always think of it as, imagine if someone combined the intuitiveness and simplicity (render controls) of Maxwell render with the speed of Vray.
However, the only drawback is that you can only use it via accessing it through 3DS Max (or Cinema4D) for which are the only two programs that they currently have plugins for. For which reason, it would be really awesome if we could have a bridge and direct connection from ArchiCAD to Corona that would allow us to produce images like this (below) and possibly even use entourage (Corona proxy trees and and vegetation) as reference objects withing ArchiCAD.

I had been on their forum requesting an ArchiCAD bridge a while back, but I didn't think it stood much of a chance of getting considered. If they need any feedback, I hope you redirect them back to this forum, and I also hope the GS guys can be helpful to them in this regard.

I really hope this comes to fruition.

Just a few of the images I've been able to do in Corona with a short learning curve.

It's a really amazing render engine, and in the last couple of months to the last year and a half has seen a massive exodus of former VRay users abandoning VRay to be Corona users instead.
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It's not a done deal yet.

As they said in the video, it's an idea they're still playing around with and still deciding whether to go forward with it or not.

It wouldn't hurt to register at their forum and to give them a push or a nudge at a thread they started there to ask about it (but which probably won't get that many ArchiCAD users), here:-

The more feedback they get from ArchiCAD users, probably the more it might help in getting this done, or at least increasing the chances - especially if they know that there really is interest.
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Yes, corona is actually top of the renderers, but also you mut remember that results depend of the quantity of poligons, actually in 3ds mas and corona they magane millions of poligons for trees, vehicles, people in 3d, each parquet, each ceramic, each leaf, each cup, etc. and this is one of the things that archicad is not doing , perhaps with some like in max is named like proxys, there are diferent to modulos vinculados of archicad.
So for the integration of corona woth archicad i think this is the most inportant phase that need work.
I would love to have a corona plugin for Archicad. Seems like a very good idea for me.

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For archviz I use combo C4D-vray (I think I will replace vray in near future).
Without tools to create enviroment (corona scatter, variation shader, instances, maybe instance resolver, import proxy geometry) it does not make sense to me.
If it is possible integrate it to AC corona it will be awesome.
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So a little bit of an update to this thread.

According to Thomas M. Grimes, the moderator for Corona's official Facebook page, the Corona development team is more or less officially working on a Corona plugin/bridge for ArchiCAD as their next major plugin.

They already showed off a seemingly working demo (probably a Work-in-progress) version at the conference linked to in the Youtube Video above).

This is really exciting news as Corona is pretty much the best render engine in the market right now (YES, even better than VRay) - certainly for Architectural visualizations.
Ohh yeah this sounds very amazing. im looking forward to it!

ARCHICAD 19-25, Student & Full Archicard, CI Tools, Germany
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Hi all!

Thanks for your interest in Corona Renderer! Just to let you know that Corona Renderer for ARCHICAD is now publicly available, with the Alpha 2 version just released today. More info over on the blog post -

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