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Display Composite Walls as Basic in 3D


Hi, I often have to export models my colleagues have made into Twinmotion and other VR packages. Quite often they've defined walls, slabs etc using composites, which is relevant for their drawings, but adds extra complexity (more polys and surfaces) to the export.


Is there a way (using something like Model View options) to display Composite elements as simple elements in 3D - but without editing the data? Graphic Overrides won't work as they affect the whole element - I just want to simplify the buildup elements on the edges. A little like the Level of Detail settings for Objects.


If you want to maintain the same thickness (an option can be to export only the core parts of elements) than sadly the short answer is no. With natively modelled elements you can't change the LOD of an element. If they are library parts then if the library part has been created with the ability to change its definition then that can be controlled in MVO.

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