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Exporting from Archicad into Artlantis?

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Hi All,

I just wanted to know if there was a way of making a change on an Archicad file and for that update to be reflected in my Artlantis file?



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I'm using Artlantis Studio 2... But I'll bet this functionality has been maintained in later versions (I hope).

1. Save your current ATL file to a unique name (I add the date to the end of the name)

2. Open AC and save a new ATL file of the project.

3. Open the =new= ATL file in Artlantis.

4. Find 'Use Reference File' in the menu structure. Click it.

5. Pick your older version of the ATL file, and transfer whatever properties you desire from the items listed.

6. Smile and have a beer.

I do this all the time... We use Artlantis very early in the Design Development stage of the project to present progress to clients.

Hope that helps! If you need more detail, it's covered fairly well in the help files.

Karl Ottenstein
Dave's method always works and worked around a bug in the Artlantis exporter from some versions ago. If you have a relatively recent version of ArchiCAD, you can specify the reference file in the export dialog from ArchiCAD itself. When you open your file in Artlantis, all prior material assignments, object placement, camera positioning, etc will be present in the updated model file.
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