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Fun with trueSpace

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Maybe four years ago I began using trueSpace. It's a modeler, does hybred radiosity and is at the low end of the market. Down side - it's not user-friendly. Requires a lot of fiddling, especially if you don't use it very often and you are of an age. I see all the talk about C4D and may decide to go that way as many have. But, first I want to give TS one more real effort.

So, here's the first installment...inspired by Francios' picture which I greatly admire. Modeled in ArchiCAD. No radiosity yet, just wanted to see how far I could go with only raytracing. About eight hours, half of that was struggling to work the program.

Attaboys are welcome, but so are other comments, suggestions, etc.

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Can't see how to attach to the pm. Can you send your email address?

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Cinema 4d without radiosity. Render time 1:06 minutes with eight lights including the sun and one negative light.

Is radiosity necessary? Apparently not. You avoid the long render time required by radiosity and you have more control. On the other hand it takes a while to set up all those lights. Some of that can be overcome by using a template with preexisting lights, then merge the new scene.

Post work on this was Gaussian blur 6.0 on a duplicate layer, set to 50% transparency masking the window area 100% and a few other areas 50%.

C4D is very stable. Left it on for three days before it crashed. Then five days and finally shut it down. GUI: everything layed out well, easy to use. Renders fast. Anyone want a copy of trueSpace?
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