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Fun with trueSpace

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Maybe four years ago I began using trueSpace. It's a modeler, does hybred radiosity and is at the low end of the market. Down side - it's not user-friendly. Requires a lot of fiddling, especially if you don't use it very often and you are of an age. I see all the talk about C4D and may decide to go that way as many have. But, first I want to give TS one more real effort.

So, here's the first installment...inspired by Francios' picture which I greatly admire. Modeled in ArchiCAD. No radiosity yet, just wanted to see how far I could go with only raytracing. About eight hours, half of that was struggling to work the program.

Attaboys are welcome, but so are other comments, suggestions, etc.

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A test render, trueSpace radiosity. Took about a half hour. All the hard work was done before. This went pretty fast. Still have some shadow leaks. The sun needs to be brighter. The ceiling has gotten too dark. A good start anyway and a learning process. I didn't know I could do this.
Karl Ottenstein
Very nice, Bob. Looks better than what Artlantis can do IHMO. Did you do any touchup Photoshop-type work afterwards (tonal or saturation changes)?

I seem to recall you posting in the old forum what was involved in working with TrueSpace, as well as its cost. It's pretty inexpensive, isn't it? How much work is involved in getting an AC model into it? If 3DS, for example, do the materials come across well or do you find yourself fiddling with materials in TS?

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Thanks, Karl. No retouching at all. The 3DS file opens fine, but I did all the materials in TS having not spent any time on them in ArchiCAD.
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Hi Robert,

looking good. There's some strange shadows going the opposite way which look a bit weird though.
Glad to see my images can inspire others to try and have fun with experimenting alternate rendering techniques 😉

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Read the manual and learned I was using the wrong lights for radiosity. Used an Infinite light for sun, set it at high power and then made a second one to make it bright enough. Also, an area light to fill in the foreground.

Had too much refraction in the glass. Did a little post-processing to smooth out the shadow leaks. Even the highest quality settings didn't entirely eliminate them. And ran the One Set Photo Fix which lightened it up some and reduced color intensity.

Frankly, I'm impressed with what trueSpace 5 has done here. Sells for $395US. Wonder if I really need C4D? Can it do better?
TS RENDER rad5.jpg
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Comparing Art*lantis. Very easy to use, fast.
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A quick study in Pirenasi.
Thomas Holm
Robert, you get amazing results in Truespace. However, I think the Artlantis rendering could be better. The reflection in the floor (reflections are a strength in Artlantis) for example, and the shadow under the bed that's missing.

Non critizising, just womdering

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rbissett wrote:
Comparing Art*lantis. Very easy to use, fast.
Send me the file.

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