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Hello, elements that are not in Archicad but appears in Twinmotion


Hello, i have a problem, when i'm importing my Archicad 26 project in Twinmotion, it appears objects that in Archicad file are not, i remember that i worked some objects with morph then i deleted them, in Archicad plan view and 3D view are nowhere, but when i'm trying to import in in Twinmotion, the morphed objects are there and i cannot put texture on them, i cannot remove please a little help? Thank you!


i. Did you tried making a new file in Twinmotion and reimporting it? Maybe if you click the object in Twinmotion and look for it's ID, then you search this in Archicad with Search Filter.

ii. Check if when you export to twinmotion all the objects are visible. Check it in right mouse button and clicl on "Show All"


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