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Rendering software, that works well with Archicad



Hi! Which softwares do you use for high-end renderings based on Archicad models?


I use Lumion and Photoshop now and am very satisfied with the workflow and relatively with the result. We would like even better results, so we are thinking about Cinema4D+corona rendering now. Does anyone have experiences with these and I could ask a few questions about a workflow?


Are there any other softwares you would recommend?


I used Twinmotion, Enscape and Lumion so far, but I am interested in even more realistic realistic renderings. So far I googled that vray and corona renderers are best?


Cinema4D and corona should be a bit easier then 3dsmax and vray. For us is also important that it is connected with Archicad.


Thank you for any recommendations on this topic!


3DS Max works well as well. 

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Hi! Ja, but Cinema4D is much easier to learn, no? 🙂


Do you maybe know if it´´s possible to update models from Archicad in Cinema4D or 3DS max? In a way like we do in Lumion for example?



Here's what you are looking for:

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Eduardo that is great! exactly what I was looking for, thank you!


btw, since I see you use a Macbook. Do you maybe use any of these apps: 3ds max or cinema4d, vray or corona renderer and could share how good they work on a macbook?

3ds MAX is not available on Mac.

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Aaa, true! But cinema 4d and corona is 🙂

For most of the time TM or Cinerender are enough. In other cases I use C4D with Vray.

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Thank you! Is nice to know that Cinema4D works on macos as well. 

Guys, can you try to see if that site still works?

Right now it redirects me to another site and says to me that the site had to be closed due to a family matter.

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