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How to create 1 & 2 & 3 point perspectives

Szabolcs Miko

One-Point perspective

In ARCHICAD we have an option to look to perpendicular of a clicked surface. You can find this option under View/3D Navigation Extras/Look to Perpendicular of Clicked Surface and will be active if you are in a 3D view. Use the "Look to Perpendicular of Clicked Surface" command and click on an outside face. 
As a result we created this view:

Two-Point and Three-Point Perspective

In ARCHICAD the standard 3D view can be a perspective or parallel projected.
  In 3D perspective view, users can switch from the default three-point to a temporary two-point perspective in any camera position, while maintaining the camera’s original position and viewing angle (this change will only be effective until the next navigation). It is achievable two ways:
  1. Right-click in the 3D window and choose Two-point Perspective option
  2. Right-click in the 3D window and choose 3D Projection Settings, check "Use two-point perspective" and click OK[qd_table]
As a result, all 3D vertical edges appear vertical in perspective projection. This feature emulates the vertical correction function of shift lenses in SLR cameras.
Please note that these 3D views were created with the help of the new ARCHICAD feature, the 3D Styles introduced in AC21. Learn how to use this new Tool through this Help Center article

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