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Is Quicktime Player better than Meander??

I dont recall a message discussing this, but had a private email from a UK user reminding me about this.....

I have found, on both Mac and PC under AC 7 and 8, that VR walkabouts just dont work properly using the normal quicktime player - the one that comes up if you double click the document icon. If you run the VR Walkabout with Meander, it's perfect! Whats wrong with Quicktime player? Other VRs (not from ArchiCAD) work fine with Quicktime player, what is being written into the document by ArchiCAD to make it behave differently???

When I say it doesnt work, I mean that nothing happens when you click to move. So you click again. Nothing happens. Then some time later, suddenly, you have moved about 2 or three rooms on. Its like all the clicks were held in a buffer and expended all at once.
Fabrizio Diodati
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Hi David,

to tell you the truth I had the same trouble some time ago!
Then I realized that was only something like a "scene refreshing" bug, I mean the player didn't update the display after you clicked on the requested direction but if you hold the mouse button and drag (in order to explore the panorama) you get the requested update.
Maybe this can help you...

BTW Merry Christmas from your Italian friend...
Fabrizio Diodati
Graphisoft Italy Srl | Via Rossignago 2/A Spinea Venezia 30038 Italy
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I have the same problem with quicktime. Is there still no solution for this?

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