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Lines of edges which don't meet

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Hi guys,

Firstly i want to say that i have a final crit in the next few days and this site has helped me tremendously so i want to to thank you to everyone.

Secondly, i have a question with regards to rendering and sketch rendering.

When you model, sometimes some of the elements don't line up exactly and on a lightworks render everything's all fine but when you do a sketch render, the edges of any element which does not line up show through. I've attached part of a model i'm working on which shows what i mean. Say you have 2 walls. If they end at the same point, they will snap to each other and create a corner which is perfect, but if one of the walls doesn't snap and is a few millimeters off, they won't snap and this edge of the wall will show inn the sketch render.

Is there a setting or something that can help with this or is it one of those things where you either need to go over everything and make sure it all lines up or try and Photoshop it out.

The second question i have is, why does an element which is selected in 3d view not also select in plan view. If i select a wall in 3d which is close to another wall and i go to plan view to see which of the wall i selected, it won't have anything selected. Is this another setting issue or just one of those annoyances that needs to be addressed?

I'm working in AC16 if that makes a difference.

Barry Kelly
For surfaces to blend seamlessly without any lines they must line up perfectly and have the same surface material.

As for selecting items in 3D and having them also select in 2D, that is a long standing wish.

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Karl Ottenstein
baz88 wrote:
Is there a setting or something that can help with this or is it one of those things where you either need to go over everything and make sure it all lines up or try and Photoshop it out.
No setting: there is no cheating a proper virtual building. What you model is what you get. Things should connect properly. Having building elements run through each other - two masses occupying the same space - is something impossible in real life. It's not just for appearance. Anything less gives you wrong quantities (if one is scheduling them)... but cleaning up issues as seen in your image forces the designer to cope with how the construction will actually happen and detail it properly. For example, you have a cantilevered slab in the facade that runs into a cantilevered vertical wall; their outside faces are in the same plane. What would the structural assembly/connection for those two elements actually be so that it works in practice - structurally - and for appearance sake, will not show any cracks in the future... or a future water drip discoloration... or visible kick-out flashing when actually constructed that interrupts the design lines and connections? Or would you change your design slightly? Etc.

Since your crit is in a couple of days, completely fixing your model may not fit your time schedule. If so, then fix the easy things (like the slabs in the your image) - and Photoshop the rest.

My 2 cents. 😉
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Thanks guys, appreciate it.
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