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Marker Display

Festim Idrizi

Hello Community,

Once again I am requesting your help.
We work on 2 different phases, one for the Municipiality and the other one for Construction, so we need two type of showings of Markers.

I would like to ask if anyone knows a solution for Markers to be differently displayed, so for the Municipiality I want them to look simplier and for Construction I want them to look more detailed.

Does anyone have an idea how can I do it, since I can't think of any way on how to do it, except manually.

Thank you in advance.



Marker Display Construction.pngMarker Display Municipiality.png

Festim Idrizi


I did create 2 different markers with all the needed informations on it.
I can toggle between the two Markers depending on which one I need, but I would like to make it with one click, like going from Middle Detailed to Fully Detailed.

And I don't want to select all the windows in order to change the marker. 
Or what should I do, anyone got a solution? 

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