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Modelling Trees - Sketch style vs Photorealism.... Who wins?

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I am new to the forum and was just trying to get a general consensus as to what everyone thought about the best way of modelling trees and general landscaping in Archicad? I tend to use sketch trees (see attached image) during the design process and then photo realistic for the final renderings. Does anyone know of any websites with sketch style trees free for download, as I am fed up creating my own and am looking for a new take on things, as each tree gdl i create seems to be nearly exactly the same style. I have tried the gardenworks trees, which arent bad, but I am looking for something a bit different!! If anyone has any images of trees within their models maybe they could post them.


I am not going to help you where to find your trees but I quite like this presentation approach of having the architecture photo-realistically rendered with sketchy bits like trees/plants, cars and people... a sort of collage, not trying to present that as 'a real, already built' building. It somehow preserves the value of actual work of an architect keeping your output more artistic rather then pathetically overkilled that introduces the sterile atmosphere of a suburban life from David Lynch's Blue Velvet movie. Good job mate.

...just being a bit arty-farty...
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Thanks for the feedback Rob! Thought it might be an idea to upload some photorealistis ones i have done as well, to compare with. I havent got Artlantis on my new computer at work yet, so ithe image is a combination of Archicad and Photoshop. I am still working on some decent sketch trees, will post them when I finish them.


Laverton Render b.jpg
Karl Ottenstein
Since you like these mixed media/style presentations, Bryan, have you looked at Piranesi? It makes doing such things easy...

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Thanks Karl,

I downloaded a demo of Piranesi and had a play over the weekend. It is very impressive! I love the washed out watercolour look to some of the images. Got 26 days left to decide whether I wanna upgrade the demo version! Um, not sure yet, but will keep tinkering and see if it will be worth it.

Cheers mate


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