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Photorendering & Construction Sequence Examples ?

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Hi guys,

New to the forum and new to Archicad... I'm trying to pursuade our company to purchase it at the moment. I've done some mockups in the past of both photorendering and construction sequence animations of a simple warehouse structure and although they weren't too hot it gives people an idea of what can be achieved with the software. However, I think they want the whole animation to look as photo-like as possible, not sure that is possible in an animation with medium range workstations?

I am particularly interested in photorendered images (within Archicad only) and the sequence animations.

Does anyone have a link to some examples of their work showing Archicad-only renders and also animations which I could show to colleages and say this is what the software is capable of once they invest in the program and of course training etc.


The honest advice is:

You can produce nice images in ArchiCAD, considering it's a CAD application (and the LightWorks engine and the new book from Dwight Atkinson should both help), but IMHO to produce really great animations, you'll best export your ArchiCAD model into one of the top animation applications: 3ds max or VIZ, Maya, Lightwave, Cinema4D and similar applications.
You can get reasonable/professional results in cheaper applications too: Carrara, Strata3D, Truespace.

And it sounds expensive, but the gained control over material settings, animation curves and the speed for rendering high-polycounts and one dedicated "operator" (can be a junior in an office) should compensate for that, if you are in an office that needs this imagery to go one step further.
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