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Real-time software/plugin visualization for Archicad macOS

Jose Gradoli


I'm looking for some plugin/software for complement my visualization work with Archicad in macOS. For still images and some time spent with the cinerender config I can get some good looking renders. But it's no realtime and is not useful to show or send to my clients.


For some years I'm using Twinmotion which is available in macOS and the connection with Archicad is very good. Year by year it's getting better and it has a lot of features for show and explain my projects to my clients but there's a critical feature not available on macOS: Path Tracer. While Archicad 3D is good looking, his Global Illumination an reflections are very unpleasant.


So, ¿which options I have besides Twinmotion?. I have a list of plugins / apps / gpu renderers but they have almost the same problem: don't have a macOS Archicad Plugin. For example:


Octane X: They have a very good soft compatible with arm macs but they don't have an Archicad macOS plugin.

Enscape: They released a very good looking plugin for sketchup macOS but there's no date release for a supossed macOS plugin

RedShift: I don't know much about this soft. I thought it was like octane which have a real-time visualization window but I think the Archicad implementation is only an alternative to cinerender.


So, ¿Do you know some real-time soft with a good IG/Reflectios or it's better wait for enscape plugin, octane x plugin or the Unreal 5 engine implementation for Twinmotion?

I thought the change to arm architecture would make easier to developers programming macOS apps.

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