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Universal 3D (U3D) format in Acrobat 7 Pro

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Will Graphisoft be supporting the Universal 3D (U3D) format in Acrobat 7 Professional? Does have GS have export (and import?) plug-ins providing U3D support? If not yet, when can we expect them to be released?

Acrobat 7 Help says that U3D models can be embedded into Acrobat files. An AECbytes review article says that "The 3D content has to be in the Universal 3D Format (U3D)" which it says "is an open specification developed by the 3D Industry Forum, a cross-industry group of more than 30 developers and corporate users of 3D graphics technology, including Intel, Adobe, Bentley Systems, Boeing, HP, and Right Hemisphere. The group is working with an international standards body on proposing the U3D Format as an ISO standard for sharing interactive 3D content over the web." (See at The article shows an example which appears to include the facility to rotate the model in inside the Acrobat file - including, supposedly, in the Acrobat 7 Reader.
Upfront e-zine has weighed in on this issue as well today. Its also the start of a thread on 3D formats generally. Cf.

the article suggests at first reading that U3D has some affinity with Schockave.

Isn't there an ArchiCAD Plug-in for converting AC to SW?

Would that be relevant to the development of an AC tool for this technology.

Acrobat 6 was a pack of stray dogs, but Acrobat Pro v7 looks more refined.
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Aaron wrote:

Isn't there an ArchiCAD Plug-in for converting AC to SW?
Yes there is. It is called ArchiShock and can be found at

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