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Views not linked to cameras in ArchiCAD 20

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In previous versions, I could create a view from a camera and, when I moved the camera, the view would also change positions. This no longer seems to be the case in 20. Now, the created views no longer seemed to be linked to the camera views. Is there a new setting or something I am missing?


Does anyone know if this issue is still going to be fixed? 🤔

In Archicad 24 and 26, it appears to still be broken. There is that work around with more clicks mentioned above, but when adding in new cameras/modifying views (especially internal cameras) constantly, it is quite a pain for it to not automatically take effect in the View map.



No fix yet, and by the looks of it I think it never will be. It has been reported to Graphisoft years ago and more and more people use third party rendering software with its own view management. I wouldn't hold my breath, but rather find workarounds.

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