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Visualization & visual language - Conversation & feedback

Illes Papp

Greetings Everybody,


Visualization and the visual language as a whole is a crucial phenomena when we communicate our ideas to the clients. Should that be vectorial, artistic, non-realistic, photo-realistic, 2D or 3D from classic quick shaded representations to high-end VR or XR, most of us would agree that the way we communicate our ideas is truly essential.


I would like to start a dedicated conversation and hear your feedback on this topic. Please let me know:


  • What type of visualization do you do? (Quick Shaded, Rendering, Animations, Real-time visualization, ...)
  • What is your current workflow for visualization? (In-house, Outsourced, Partially Outsourced, ...)
  • What are the main challenges or obstacles in your current workflow?
  • What third party solutions do you incorporate in your workflow if you do any?


Let me know if you have anything else in connection to this topic. Let's start the conversation.


Illés Papp
GRAPHISOFT Senior Product Manager

Glad I am not the only one. Keeping it in MVO would probably make more sense so as not disperse these things too much across the UI (hello stories, altitude and reference levels, Im taling to you) 


Seems like this would be somethign easy to implement.



There should also be the option to keep the sun at a fixed angle from the camera as I move the camera, 45 deg for example. Its time consuming having to reposition the sun angle each time I reposition the camera.


Given the questions I assume that you are primarily asking about experience focused visualisation. As a small office we do this inhouse in order to keep it close to the design process and cost effective. We currently use a workflow with Enscape for realtime rendering and low quality stills and V-Ray for high quality stills. Regarding this kind of visualisation I would hope that GS is putting resources into enhancing integration rather than developing native capabilities (including AI gimmicks). Seeing Chaos effort to streamline the Enscape to V-Ray workflow it would be of interest to use V-Ray inside AC. And I would also appreciate an answer to questions raised by this post


But there is another type of visualisations with focus on concepts and information and being able to create and publish these directly in AC keeping the connection to the model rather than using third party solutions such as Adobe/QGIS/IFC viewers/ etc. would be a unique selling point for AC. Some point to adress for a smooth workflow for visualisation of concepts/information in AC:


3D views

  • Make it possible for multiple view need to be sourced from the same 3D viewpoint so that updating the projection settings for the viewpoint the views. The current setup with just one generic perspective/axonometry and cameras is not only cumbersome to work with but seem outright broken as it is possible to redefine the camera indicated as a source without having the view update accordingly.
  • Make it possible to change projection settings both numerically and graphically with realtime update of 3D window - the navigator preview is half way there. This goes for sun settings as well. 

Cut and filter elements in 3D

  • Make it possible to define cuts with more geometry methods such as segments and boundaries (consolidation show marquee in 3D) and make it possible to preset cuts to be used in multiple views with dynamic link.
  • Make it possible to control which elements are cut.
  • Make it possible to generate and link cutting planes from 2D viewpoints
  • Make it possible to for cutaway elements to cast shadows
  • Make it possible to control the graphical appearance of cut elements.
  • Make it possible to properly hide selected elements so that views update when new elements are added.
  • Make it possible to filter element by full criteria - not just element type.

Graphical overrides

  • Make it possible to define styles independently of criteria so that the same style can be effectively used for multiple criteria.
  • Make it possible to define hierarchical rule combinations.
  • Make it possible to create rules where color varies either randomly or along a color ramp depending on parameter value divided into classes or ranges.

Colors, Lines, Fills (look at QGIS)

  • Implement a modern color management function with ramp/wheel and ability to create swatches
  • Implement a modern line generator with ability to generate complex lines and to control node style (round/square), offset and trim. Ability to have markers placed on line nodes (start/end/center) and markers to include text/expression.
  • Implement a modern fill generator with ability to generate complex fills. Ability to add randomness to point/marker pattern, ability to use SVG for fills.

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