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Minimal Spaces


One of the features in Archicad that I use regularly is the Minimal space feature coded in most objects and Doors. I have a problem with this valuable tool as it is underdeveloped and a pain to use. A perfect example of not paying any attention to any practical feedback and then historically ignoring the tool after release. Based on my experience, I see the following deficiencies:

1. The tool need be extended to ALL Objects. At present some of the most critical like, furnace, fireplace, heaters, etc., do not have this feature. The lack of which can cause code compliance problems.
2. Need provide a tutorial to allow the user to add this feature to user created objects. The feature mostly uses a standard macro that could be added to any object assuming the proper configuration.
3. Allow the space feature to be turned on/off on a individual object basis, based on some criteria.
4. Allow minimal space criteria to be configured in the schedules for all Objects.
5. Likewise, allow listing of spaces for each Object in schedules.
6. Allow color coding of spaces on an Object basis.
7. Allow listing of all Objects within a zone – not just a count
8. Provide a minimal space on/off shortcut key independent of the MV. Also, a toggle icon.
9. Provide minimal space criteria for critical Objects, similar to the stairs tool. Provide out-of-bounds listing warnings.
10. Provide a reset to defaults.
11. Collision detection between spaces and elements – color code collisions
12. Add 3D Minimal space display


Probably others could add more. I made a video describing my solution to automating the setting of spaces using a Excel worksheet , a Python script and an AddOn to change the Library parameters. The files can be download from my GitHub site referenced in the video. Not thoroughly tested – use at your own risk. I would be interested in any comments or additional application using the files. If you are interested, please give the video a ‘like’, if not. Please give a ‘dislike’. Your likes/dislike are the only way to communicate what features we might want to see expanded for Architecture. Please participate and not just complain.

The video link is:

Minimal Spaces 


Windows 11 - Visual Studio 2022; ArchiCAD 27

So many loose ends!

The neglection of the architectural needs can be seen again here in a prime example. GS gave us Collision Testing as QC for some time now. In good tradition they failed however to incorporate the existing things, that is e.g. (3D) Minimal Space*.

Often enough this needs to be checked, too, an a certain rule book.

Wonderful example is the opening radius of doors and windows.


* Yes, 3D minimal space for other objects than stairs would be new, but that is an obvious and small extension and would be needed to check properly anway.

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«Furthermore, I consider that Carth... yearly releases must be destroyed»

I usually use this minimal space to represent and check the local standards for disabled users. May be the default parameters of minimal space inclueded in any library could be correctly based on local legislation ?

All minimal spaces should accept a "z" dimension setting.

I would also need an "empty" object containing just an empty parametric minimal space that will follow the MVO with the same behavior as the object related minimal spaces. This space sould be modified like a fill or polyline. Spaces with specific dimensions and purposes are also elements of architecture, functonality and design.


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