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Pause "Auto Update" globally

Hey Archicad, there are a few posts here about time drainage due to "Auto Update" drawing in layout. The manual update is a nice option but often one forgets to put it back to auto update.

Could the simple solution be a button to "Pause all auto updates" as a global override. This would make it possible to go into a kind of "layout mode" when you are just moving things around and don't need all the drawings updating constantly. This should of course not affect the updating of the drawings when publishing but only the preview in the layout - just like manual update works.

This would save precious minutes when working on big files.

I also think global 'auto update' is a must have. could have save me hundreds of hours by now.

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Yes, this would be a tremendous improvement to productive efficiency. I waste plenty of time waiting for views to rebuild while switching back and forth. It would be perfect if I could pause rebuild globally and turn it on again when needed.
Is there any status update on this? Any way to prioritize this feature? 

Hei Minh,


Any update on this feature request?