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Project Info and Location Settings available for IfcSite and IfcBuilding custom property mapping


It would be great if Project Info (with custom fields) and Location Settings (including the new Survey Point coordinates and Project North) would be available for custom ifc property mapping. 

In Finland, new legislation for applying building permit electronically mandates the use of certain custom property sets and properties in the ifc file to be submitted to the authorities. They include stuff like Site Address, Contact details, World Coordinate values etc. The properties are mostly required in the IfcBuilding entity level, plus a few in the IfcSite. We are supposed to use a precisely defined naming format for the custom ifc property sets and properties, so that they can be automatically processed in the receiving end. 

Since most of these are already present in Project Info and Location, it feels silly that we now only seem to be able to do this by manually adding these properties or via a third-party solution such as BlenderBIM or Simplebim.

Mikko Lahti - Helsinki, Finland
BIM specialist
Archicad user since 2004

Yes please!

There are more and more requirements at these levels (Project, Site, Building, BuildingStorey) and we don't want to put values manually in the IFC Manager.

Mathieu Farine | BIM Manager | CCHE Lausanne | Switzerland
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please we don't want to do the work twice this feature should be a priority as it directly impacts workflow consistency

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