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Story Marker Settings

Story Markers should have similar settings and functions as the Grid Elements, such as:

They should be selectable objects that can reside on a specified layer, be re-positioned (both left/right and "staggering"), and have a controlled Display Order.

It would also be nice if you could control on which stories the markers should be shown (not just project-wide as in the Story Settings dialog, but by individual SE Marker).
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Laura wrote:
It would also be nice if you could control on which stories the markers should be shown (not just project-wide as in the Story Settings dialog, but by individual SE Marker).
This I believe is essential.
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Yes i think having story markers that are fully editable in the elevation is essential. Making the story markers so that one marker head can be offset so that the text does not interfere with the text above is a big issue for me. Yes you can use the dimension elevation tool but then you have to make sure that all the marker graphics look the same and doesn't that defeat the purpose of BIM?
Yes very good wish .. i was going to say i am surprised this has not been wished already (redirected here from another post) but i see you made this in 2006!

Maybe in 13? I think 3 years should be long enough to sort this out

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Yes its important particularly when 2 storeys are close to each other and you need to relocate the text so its legible.

Im for ever having to explain to students in the training room that GS just haven't got to it as yet. I hope they do.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is still yet to be addressed. Definitely essential to have some flexibility with the levels on selected view.

Even moving the levels text. We can move it away from the model at the moment but not inwards/towards it.
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It would be great to have the features you describe. Specifically, marker functionality similar to Revit would be ideal. In Revit, the elevation and section marker 2D components seen in plan are independent from the range parameters. Meaning you could make the marker stretch as long or as short as needed graphically while still keeping the story markers close to your model in section/elevation. Additionally, you can freely offset each story marker individually in elevation/section views, similar to a gridline, with multiple handles for manipulation. This would be extremely useful as we often have overlapping story text when the scale of the drawing is small and/or we have stories close to one another vertically. Only workaround currently is 3rd party options and manual lines and text, but having these features built in would be appreciated.


Hoping we can get some likes on this wish for the spring cleaning!

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Patrick M

currently, I use a level marker object placed onto a worksheet laid over the elevations/sections/etc on the layout. This is preferred since we don't really want a "top of beam" story for each beam elevation, or a "bottom of header" story.

What really needs to happen is, instead of pushing story markers exclusively from the story settings, they should be able to pull from sea level, project 0, and the reference levels. Additionally, we should be able to add as many reference levels to a project as we may need.

The reference levels have been a long standing "but why can't we..." feature (much like the project info and probably half a dozen other features). Why can't we add extra reference levels? why can't we tie reference levels into other parts of the model? pin them to story levels?

What if, and I know this is going to sound crazy, reference levels, project 0, sea level, and stories were all managed by a single interface? From that interface you could add as many levels as the project needed, and define which of those levels generated story viewpoints!? GAME CHANGER!

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That is why I use the Indigo Story Level object.

You can create extra levels without adding stories and several other settings.

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I think what I really would like to see is an offset option for level dimensions for clarity so that we can dimension to a few levels or points of interest that are close to one another without having to 'break' the dimension and manually override it.   We rarely if ever use the built-in story label.