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Walls should appear in plan as they react to other 3d objects.


Walls should have the option for hidden lines. Possible scenarios where this would be useful:

- Wall is on a home story one lower than current story and is covered by another element such as a slab/roof/stair/beam.

- Wall is on current home story but is connected to a roof/shell or solid operated by roof/shell/stair/beam which is below the floor plan cut plane. That part of the wall would be hidden by the other object while the wall portion extending through the floor plan cut plane would would show up as "cut". This is a very common scenario.

- Conversely, portions of the wall above current floor plan cut plane that aren't cut by the plane (i.e. if walls are used to model dormers or walls that end at stairs) appear as overhead lines.


See image below on how this feature would look like: